Her Name Is BANKS


Her name is BANKS.

And she has an achingly bewitching EP out right now on iTunes.

I came across her music by going through some random tumblr blogs, and one had that silly auto play. Usually an annoying feature that I mute immediately, but something stopped my hand from moving the mouse over to the pause button. I wanted to hear this, I thought to myself. So I moved my cursor and let her voice fill my speakers and eventually my room. Soon enough her voice was breaking into my thoughts and I wanted to experience more of this.

The song was called “Waiting Game”.

When I finally felt ready to hear more, which took a couple replays of this one song, I delved into something sinfully delicious to my ears.

With a track called “Bedroom Walls” you can only assume what this album was made for. There is no doubt this EP will get you in a tantalizingly sexy mood, but I am here to tell you to embrace it. It’s okay to feel this way when listening to BANKS, it’s completely natural and expected.


A heart breaking tale of woman telling her man she’ll change for him. It’s a sad sort of love ballad in a way of sorts, the cry in her voice for her lover makes it that much more heartbreaking. She won’t change, he knows it, and she knows it. It’s a vicious circle that has been told before by lover after lover, but none of them ever seeing true to their word. My heart breaks a little more every time I press play, again and again.

There is one more track on the EP, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun, now do I? Also, you can check out some singles she’s released… a few honorable mentions are “Warm Water” (But honestly, go listen to that track.) Let it sink into your soul and cleanse you. Another honorable mention is “Fall Over”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed BANKS as your artist for my Monday Mania selection.

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