Enter The Mind of AKorn

It’s not often that I go Wandering down to the world of rap and hip-hop, but every now and then I get introduced to aim freean artist who really stands out. Whenever this is the case, it’s because the music speaks to me with deeply honest lyrics that are backed by unique beats. This time around, let’s all take a moment to meet a man who calls himself AKorn. His debut record, titled Aim Free, is truly an introduction to the mind of an artist, and it is by no means an easy ride. AKorn begins his album with a much better explanation than I could ever give, so listen to the opening track before you read any further.

Aim Free hits hard and hits heavy. AKorn has seen more than his fair share of trials and tribulations, and like many artists before him, he has used the medium of music to express his darkness. AKorn needed to offer his perspective on a troubled existence. The result is an album that has been tweaked and twisted so that each thought and feeling is described perfectly. Nothing is held back, the listener is shattering a window that he will never be able to close, to the point at which AKorn felt a need to warn anyone who hits play on the first track.

I mentioned the great importance of backgrounds in hip-hop. As an instrumentalist myself, I have always focused on music over lyrics. In this case, some pretty excellent production is credited mostly to Solid Mas. These beats provide a mix of electronics and live instruments, such as guitar work by Micah Rahkoff Bellman. The production on Aim Free is precise and detailed, and very well-mixed. This album definitely satisfied my need for a diverse backdrop without ever distracting me from AKorn’s words.

This album is an expression of emotions that could break your average person, but the release of Aim Free comes from a positive place. AKorn released this album to release his own demons, and thus follows the central message of this follows the title. AKorn is not a man who let horrible events get the better of him. Instead, he faced himself, expressed himself, and overcame. He just released a new single, which I think displays quite effectively the degree of care AKorn puts into his work and how much better off he is now. The song is about his 22nd birthday, its 2:22 in length, and uses 22 different 2s.

Check AKorn out, grab his album FOR FREE on his bandcamp, and get ready to listen to an extremely personal story.

Much Love,


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