The Problems of Being A Music Junkie

Being a music junkie has it’s up and downs and if you’re a dedicated listener you’ve probably come across these small problems too. I’ll share my two biggest pet peeves, if you will, that I have against being in love with music. I encourage you to comment and share your own because I’d love to know I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.

Let’s just dive right into it shall we?

Number One: Discovering a band that plays or captures your favourite type of music is awesome, there’s no question about it.

But have you ever caught on too late?

You search mindlessly for hours on the Internet for some small glimmer of hope that they’ll be releasing new music, but at this point you might as well admit defeat.
Recently this has happened to me. Well actually it almost happens to me too often these days.

I was driving with my sister in her car and we’re cruising, listening to music, and while she drives she switches songs. I stopped her when an unfamiliar song came on and I wanted to ask her who it was, so I did and that’s when I fell in love with Spector.spector-band An indie rock band from London, England composed of Fred Macpherson, Thomas Shickle, Jed Cullen and Danny Blandy. Being a huge 80’s alternative rock fan, especially anything to come out of England, this band was immediately on my iPod and grooving in my ears. Macpherson’s vocals were an instant win for me because they reminded me so much of Ian Curtis’s deep dramatic voice, but with a little bit more… life?

I mean come on, just listen to this.

(Of course the whole Ian Curtis and Joy Division thing is a different problem in it’s entirety and will not be mentioned anymore because it makes me sad.)

Number Two (hehe does anyone else have a dirty mind): Finding a song that you adore is actually a cover song of an oldie… and the oldie should be appreciated because, well, it’s an oldie! But you can’t help love the cover version a little bit more.

I know this shouldn’t seem like a problem, but for someone with strange OCD tendencies like me it really is. My example for this is Cat Power’s cover of Sea of Love. I secretly blame Juno for my obsession for this song (not so secret anymore) because before I saw that gem of a film I had only known the melody to the original version.


My mind fell so head over heals for a flipping song that it put the original into a small filing cabinet in the back of my mind, until I heard it playing in the car (what’s with the cars theme?) one day while driving with my father. We’re usually jamming out to the oldies station in my town while we’re out and about, it’s kind of like this.

If that last sentence didn’t give it away that I have a huge soft spot for oldies then I can spell it out for you. I. Love. Oldies. But when it comes down to this one particular song I’ll take the cover version any day. Cat’s voice is barely there yet it’s also so powerful and emotional. I really truly hate myself for loving it more than the original.

Oh and if you were too lazy to click the link I’ve provided, here is the cover version, again. See I’m hopelessly addicted.

One response to “The Problems of Being A Music Junkie

  1. I think it’s easy to feel like you have to like the original more than a cover, but there are so many instances where covers are better than the originals, and that’s never a bad thing. Let us break free from the shackles of music tyranny! We don’t have to like anything simply because we feel like we have to. It’s liberating. Like dancing on a table, but less so because it’s just a Soft Cell song, really.

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