Do What You Love in 2014.

I’m writing this at 3 am the morning before 2014 washes over us and its cool. My room has a tiny lamp on, i just wrote 20 resolutions in a journal because i guess thats what people do and Ta-ku is blasting from my tv which is airplaying the youtube link from my phone [to me this is a technology miracle, and I am now jimmy neutron]. I was initially going to review Bibio’s album from earlier in the year, but to be honest i’d rather talk about an album that sounds like the now and the future and the past, packaged in vibes so good it hurts to not listen to it late into the night as the next year rolls in, big and promising, terrifying and unique, disappointing and charming.

Ta-ku’s Do What You Love is an album of sweet ease, a landscape where head bobbing comes easy and the mood is effortlessly lifted. Its perfect for New Years eve because you honestly shouldn’t be listening to anything terrifyingly succinct – nothing that screams at you to be sad or happy or lost. Thats everyday of the fucking year. You want something thats going to let your mind wander, all directions of that box of ridiculous cringeworthy memories from the past year. You want to float comfortably into the past 12 months and find yourself replaying the moments and exchanges in a tone that suggests “well i guess thats alright”. Because it is baby.

In Do What You Love, Ta-ku masterfully weaves an environment of beats and samples that echo a sentimentality that isn’t too serious but still dreamy. Its simple to get lost in the songs of this album, one flowing into the next without notice, marching steadily to express a laid back contentment. Things are alright. Things are all good. Even if their not, for a second they have to be because the 42 minutes of this album contains in it an uncomplicated prescription to all that is doleful and sedate.

Ta-ku knows his craft well, and though the album lets you use it as study music, party music or just lay in your bed and zone out music, it still manages to be commanding. Elements of funk, hiphop, soul, weave in and out over fat beats and fictional sounds of glimmers and lights. Its a beautiful and moving piece of work in its own way bringing to the table a familiar talent with a more immediate edge, a youthful vibrancy and a texture of self-awareness. Ta-ku knows his shit. There isnt a random note in any song, each crafted to perfection.

Take it easy tonight kids, and as Ta-ku says, DO WHATCHU LOVE. For real though. Because we hardly ever do. I hope all of you have a fantastic New Years day, and a lovely new year in and of itself. 2013 has been, quite frankly, insane. I’m going to listen to this now and reminisce.

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