Lounge jazz for a New Age – Meet Quadron

I don’t know how to describe Quadron’s sound to you because it doesn’t remind me of anything but a lackadaisical good feeling. The vibe is chill, theres jazz, soul and sugar pop melodies weaving in and out of main singer Coco O’s utterly unique vocals. If you’ve seen Cowboy Bebop the anime, you’ll understand Quadron. The Danish electro soul duo make music that would play in the background of a post-apocalyptic lounge. Top 40’s of an FM radio station on Mars. While extremely listenable, Quadron’s songs are an amalgamation of a variety of atmospheres, and their second studio album Avalanche, released in summer 2013 creates a landscape of new wave noise and soul pop that is both alluring and different.

All at once you hear the depth an Amy Whinehouse number would carry but also a playful lightness, and in between these two extremes an element of inviting mystery that the bands singer carries on her shoulder like a a woman caught between a girlish fantasy and the anguish of an older woman. The album opens with LFT, promising and bright the track explodes with fresh sound and an antithetic arrangement. Hey Love, Crush and Befriend take on a different pace, diversifying the palette of the album but still manage to keep you interested. It’s Gonna Get You brings forward an 80’s undercurrent with the background noises of doowop-esque jingles and a manic emotional message. One thing is clear throughout the album, Coco O has a beautiful voice, but still has much room to grow. Avalanche is a good project, and not a bad second full length album – but Quadron has much space to still cultivate their specific sound, or learn through trial and error what they do best and what they should leave behind for their next project. Lyrically, the grounds are vast in how much more can be explored, and the feeling the duo projects of ‘post-3000 soul jazz’ can be indulged in far more in the future.

The album hits its peak with Better Off, which is my favourite song on the album and also one of the best songs i’ve heard in 2013. Better Off is a clear example of an artist who is still young touching upon something utterly brilliant, accidentally showing just how wide their talent could stretch. The delicious surprise is Kendrick Lamar who swings in midway, spitting poetry so smooth its difficult to not be entirely consumed by the song and melt. Better Off presents a hushed and dreamy world that Quadron sometimes creates without trying, a temper the group sounds best expressing.

Avalanche is an interesting album. It has all the elements in it to suggest that it is just an appetizer for a music career that promises to be more refined and beautiful with more experience and adjusting. Quadron is still young, I await their growth eagerly, theres something here thats definitely worth investing in.

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