Sweet and Soothing

Greetings audiophiles, I hope school/work/life in general isn’t getting to you too much, but just in case you’re emiliestarting to feel a certain weight on your shoulders I have a remedy for you. There are some days when what you need is a good spirit-lifting album. Sometimes you will be craving a very cerebral album that compels you to hang on every note. Other times you just want something light. Something that will carry you along with an irresistible melody and lyrics about love. This week I have one of those nice and easy records, entitled Mighty Time and brought to us by Emilie Mover.

Emilie Mover brings us a brand of pop that alternates between upbeat, light-hearted tunes that will have you humming and slow, pensive ballads of heartbreak. Mighty Time is not an album that is conceptually and musically nuanced, but her verse-chorus structures do have a little something to keep you listening after the novelty of the album has worn off. She does an excellent job of incorporating sunthesizers into her music that do not take up a ton of auditory space, but add a little extra sense of ambiance throughout the album. Her soft voice has a bit of a rough edge to it, which made me feel a sort of familiarity that surrounds her music. She seems like someone I might have known.  

As a random sidenote, I feel like it would be interesting to see her collaborate with fellow Montrealer Patrick Watson. Their voices have a similar raspy quality to them, and if you combined her harmonizing the Watson’s ridiculously amazing ear for instrumental arrangements, I think the result would be quite excellent.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Go give Emilie Mover a try, and if any of you are around Ottawa keep in mind that we have a contest going for a pair of tickets to see her and Megan Bonnell at Raw Sugar.

Much Love


PS. The Grammys happened. As per usual, I am underwhelmed by the results (I’m not even going to go into the Macklemore fiasco), but there were a few notable dark horse awards given out. First off, Snarky Puppy got some unexpected love for Best R&B Performance. Second, Gary Clark Jr. Got himself Best Traditional R&B Performance. So those are the bright spots. Can’t wait to see how they upset the musical community next year!

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