The Sticky Fingers Tour Of Sydney

Today’s Therapy: Sticky Fingers’ Caress Your Soul

Welcome back music lovers for the appreciation of psychedelic reggae rock. Australian borne band Sticky Fingers caught my attention this week with a superbly entertaining album. While each song adds to the variety of the album, I’ll be going through a few tunes which I’d like to highlight. First off, we have the laid-back, breezy tune found below.

As always I find myself tuning into the bass guitar, which was nicely executed by Paddy Fingers, as well as the duo guitar solo, tapering off to a calm outro. Don’t be fooled by this song though, most of the album is much more upbeat thanks to Beaker. Climbing up the Australian charts with singles “Caress Your Soul” and “Clouds and Cream”, enjoy the fantastic back-up vocals and the negative-exposure of this next video.

Lastly, I’ll let these guys take you on a musical tour of Newtown, Sydney. “Australia Street” displays the variable tones of the guitar and piano that I alluded to earlier. And of course no tour is complete without a few roadbeers!

For a much-more psychedelic video make sure to click on the Clouds and Cream Link, have a fantastic night!
– Karly D

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