Darkside, Daftside

Today’s Fixation: Darkside’s Psychic

Yes! I’ve been waiting patiently for this album to make a splash and it looks like my favourite off the album, “Paper Trails”, even has a 5 minute-extended live performance online. So sit back and enjoy this duo’s experimental style, which is reminiscent of my highly sought-out Pink Floyd guitar lines.

Assuming you also just took a break from the world’s hold, you can understand that Psychic guarantees a transient experience. Accurate to this statement, as well as the album’s name, the first track “Golden Arrow” opens up with an intense intro by reading into and reemitting your brain-waves, working its way down to a soft, catchy guitar line like most of the album. I always appreciate a cool synthesizer sound.

The duo, comprised of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, formed on one fateful night when Jaar’s converter plug caught up in smoke, forcing the two to create some music on their laptops in the hallway of their hotel. I’m sure glad that they did, since I recently discovered that they remixed the ENTIRE Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories into their slow-building guitar solo style. My favourite parts of this remix are found at 7:20 (Give Life Back To Music), 20:00 (Fragments of Time), 39.20 (Doin’ It Right), and of course, 47:30 (Instant Crush). Keep in mind these remixes have changed the essence of the originals to more of a mind-meld. I highly recommend the Daft Punk album as well, it did win a Grammy for best album of the year afterall.

Hope you enjoyed the half Yoda, half Darth Vader album art as much as I did! Thanks for tuning in everyone, have a great/trippy night!

  • Karly D

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