Owels Set The Mood This Valentine’s Day

Today’s Wandering: Owel’s Self-Entitled album

Welcome music lovers! Just for your interest avid-David readers, Karly D will be bringing you some more loveable electronic tunes of the gorgeous violin, falsetto vocals, and thumping rhythm section persuasion this Wednesday!

Of course with Valentine’s Day this Friday, I felt it necessary to include a heart-warming music video where the five band members haul (and in some cases, toss) a tiny animated buddy around town in their very entertaining, stop-motion style video for “Once The Ocean”.

As an old-school fan of Newgrounds, which inspired me to try my hand at animation, I have a massive appreciation for those who are dedicated and talented enough to animate an entire video. I know how time-consuming these things can be, so kudos to you Jay Sakong, as well as the rest of the band.

Now take a gander at the album artwork below and imagine you and your significant other on a self-paddled gondola ride around a flooded olden-style European city, I’d suggest Venice of course! After a minute and a half of staring into your lover’s eyes, you inevitably crash and the boat tips over. Splashing around to reorient, you exhaust yourself and the lyrics “Please pull me under…” ring in your head as you begin to sink. A hand reaches down and pulls you to the surface after some time in this frantic dance (at 3:45). You manage to recollect yourself as you both head for the nearest rooftop. You pull yourself up, and then extend an arm for the other. Lifting out of this ocean-city, they “Pull [you over]…for one more embrace”.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by for a spur of the moment Valentine’s Day story. The whole album is filled with inspiring soothing tunes, including “Snowglobe”, so make sure to check it out in its entirety on Owel’s bandcamp on Friday.

Lastly, remember to support your favourite bands so that they have the funding to live and create more amazing songs!

  • Karly D

As an extra, check out my favourite animated video where we follow an incredible stick figure fight which involves a lot of well thought-out time travel, Time Fight. Enjoy!

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