I came across this band by accident, today actually. Mozes and The Firstborns, a Garage Rock group based out of The Netherlands and Belgium (yes both) . They have just released (yesterday!) their self-titled debut LP on the Burger Records label. It was one of those “Hey you like Band Y and Band X, you’ll like this band!”  moments But in our modern age it was without all that unnecessary  interpersonal interaction.  In this case it was you like Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin? It turns out that is a very apt comparison. Sun-drenched 60’s poppy rock, mellow and subdued at first then getting all fuzzy with the guitars then going acoustic. But still very psychedelic and that whole “1960s in the present day” remains throughout, but up and down up and down in the intensity.  The Polar Vortex is back, but listen…….its summer. Doesn’t that sound good? A great record released at a time when that sound is needed most.

Actually sounds like Ty, but not in a rip-off kind of way.
Mozes and The Firstborns s/t is available at for PWYC, with the option to try-before-you-buy . But you don’t want to do that, your Canadian niceness won’t let you. Five bucks…..yeah that’s cool, don’t  you feel like a better person?
Currently on tour to support the album, only one Canadian date February 28th. The Media Club in Vancouver. There may still be tickets, they will be cheap. If you can swing it GO! If you do go, I want feedback.

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