Kevin Drew – Mexican Aftershow Party

Any new music from one of the most influential Canadian artists is a great way to start off your day or week. So when Kevin Drew, one of the co-founders (along with Brendan Canning) of Toronto-based super-group Broken Social Scene, starts off his Monday with the release of “Mexican Aftershow Party”, everyone’s week instantly has a soundtrack.

There is a hint of nostalgia right off the bat with the ambient instrumental beginning, reminiscent of BSS’ Feel Good Lost, and the preceding EPs, Captured Anthems for an Empty Bathtub Anthems for the Could’ve Bin Pills by K.C. Accidental.  The sound and feel of  this song is a contrasting sequel to Drew’s first single from his upcoming LP Darlings, “Good Sex”, with a noticeable openness to the song, placing the listener outside wandering a city during the nighttime, even if the title wasn’t given to them.  The droning synthesizers show the growth of Drew’s sound, probably influenced by other Arts and Crafts artists such as Cold Specks, Trust and more recent Stars, from The Five Ghosts and The North.  The vocals are more spoken than sung, a trademark of Drew’s slower songs found on solo and BSS albums.

By the end of the song, the music grows at a moderate pace, like the song has led Kevin and friends to the party.  The expansion of the drum machine from the beginning to the more full band evokes the image that though the song, the members of Broken Social Scene have joined him at the party, and builds anticipation for the next songs on the record.

If the singles up to now are a reflection of the two poles of Darlings, be prepared for a roller coaster album to accompany late nights with friends in backstreet bars and small clubs where everyone is a possible lover or future band member.

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“Good Sex” by Kevin Drew

Darlings is released March 18, and Kevin Drew has planned a few concerts to support it

April 3      New York, NY      Bowery Ballroom     TICKETS

April 7     Halifax, NS     Rebecca Cohn Auditorium

April 9     Northampton, MA     Calvin Theatre     TICKETS

April 10     Tarrytown, NY     Tarrytown Music Hall     TICKETS

April 11     Portsmouth, NH      The Historic Theatre     TICKETS

June 7-8      Toronto, ON     Field Trip     TICKETS

August 9     Squamish, BC     Squamish Valley Music Festival     TICKETS

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