Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

Timber Timbre returns three years after their hit album Creep On Creepin’ On with more creepiness, this time in the form of the album Hot Dreams. They continue their signature sound of dark, cinematic folk, this time with more of a nod to old school westerns. It works to create cohesiveness in the album and to set it apart slightly from their past work.

It’s not an overstatement to say that most of Timber Timbre’s sound is based on the mood it creates. You have to give the band credit in their ability to create a scene, such as in the wonderful title track “Hot Dreams”, which oozes with sensuality that perfectly matches its music video, set in a strip club. What makes the track interesting as well is its layered take on sexual desire, where it is shown to be something that can induce insanity as well as please. This comes through in some of the twisted lyrics such as “I want to follow through on all my promises and threats to you baby.” The moodiness continues with other tracks such as “Give Me Simple Men” or “Grand Canyon”, which both evoke a western vibe that matches Timber Timbre’s film noir style.

One criticism I could make of Hot Dreams is that Timber Timbre settles a little too strongly in their mood building at the cost of hard hitting songs. Listening to their last effort, Creep On Creepin’ On, there was more punch in their songs such as “Black Water”, that kept me coming back to it. In Hot Dreams, although Timber Timbre does have memorable tracks as mentioned before, the whole album does come off as more of a haze than a clear statement. It is nice to go into their world for 43 minutes and be lost in that fog, but sometimes there has to be more to really stand out.

Overall Hot Dreams is a satisfying listen, it takes you to another place and builds that environment fairly well. Although as a whole it feels soft hitting, that is ultimately what Timber Timbre is, something to get lost in.


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