One Man Band Festival Preview: Rich Aucoin, Laura Barrett, Just Wôan

Last week I gave you fine readers the run-down on Montreal’s One Man Band Festival. Since it’s coming up this weekend, I decided I would preview a few of the artists that you may want to check out. Let’s start with one of the festival headliners.

Rich Aucoin

Coming to us from Halifax, NS, Rich Aucoin emerged onto the Canadian music scene with his debut album, We’re All Dying to Live, back in 2011. The album received a lot of attention upon its release. Aucoin’s brand of primarily electronic indie-pop is a lot of fun, quite powerful, and easily enjoyable. The very positive overall feel combines well with layers of vocals, synthesizers, and instrumentals from various featured musicians. His debut album has it’s fair share of diversity, including a wide range of different tones and instruments that make me rather curious to see how he does it as a solo performance. I suspect it will be somewhat similar to a DJ set with live vocals, but I could be 100% wrong on that one. One thing that can be promised is a set of very upbeat tunes that will have no trouble getting you moving.

Rich Aucoin will be performing at Sala Rosa on Friday, headlining a night that includes Xania and Digit Missile: Command.

Laura Barrett

Laura Barrett has a rather uncommon weapon of choice. Classically trained in piano, Barrett has transferred that knowledge to the kalimba, giving her music a very ethereal and percussive tone. She also has music that revolves around piano, and incorporates some laying of instruments such as strings or percussion. Her voice, clear and colourful, is the centrepiece of her songs. I love the way she builds harmonies with her kalimbas, creating soundscapes that remind me of a midnight fantasy forest. Her brand of indie-folk should translate well into a solo performance, one that I will be quite eager to check out.

You can catch Laura Barrett on Saturday at Divan Orange. She’ll be the last of the evening, following Chris Velan, Aaron Zimmer, and Desmond Garcia One Man Band.

Just Wôan

Coming all the way from Cameroon, Just Wôan uses a loop pedal to create layers of voice, percussion, guitars, bass, and a few other odds and ends. Just Wôan’s tunes bring in various influences including jazz, blues, and a sense of African harmony. His music is easy-going and rather soothing, making it perfect for relaxing out in the sun or sitting down for a drink. He currently has released one album and is working on his second, due to come out later this year.

You’ll find Just Wôan at Barfly on Thursday, playing with the likes of Stephen Lewis and his Big Band of One, Jonah Haché, and Evan Symons.

That’s all for now folks, check back in the next couple of days for some more previews and take a look at the full schedule and lineup, this festival has a lot to offer.


Much Love,


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