A Pearson Sound Preview

When I mentioned the name Pearson Sound, aka David Kennedy, to the folks behind Toronto based electronic music label Culvert Music, immediately their ears perked and excitement was felt around the table. From that reaction from people in the electronic music business, Pearson Sound seems to be the real deal.

Kennedy opened for Radiohead in New York in 2011 along with UK electronic music favourite Four Tet, and has subsequently done a remix of Morning Mr. Magpie, featured on Radiohead’s King of Limbs remix album.

Apart from Radiohead related notoriety, Kennedy has made a name for himself in the UK’s electronic music scene, or should I say multiple names. Kennedy has gone under three aliases, them being Ramadanman, Maurice Donovan, and now Pearson Sound. Kennedy is one third of the Hessle Audio label, has run a successful vinyl only night in Leeds England, and has had a critically acclaimed Fabriclive Compilation, which is a popular DJ Spotlight program in the UK.

Unless you are big on the UK based or underground electronic music scene, this name dropping will likely not mean much to you. If you are like me, you are looking from the outside in on this music scene of sweaty young people bouncing around to an entrancing beat. I lived in Leeds England for a school year on an exchange and first heard of Pearson Sound then, along with other names such as Ben UFO or Blawan, and they seemed a part of a different world. Its true these artists exist in a different music world then you might be into, but it is still a world with a lot of depth and exciting experimentation. Electronic music has proven itself to be a genre that isn’t going anywhere soon but is slowly entering the mainstream (i.e. Radiohead has an interest in it). That’s why it is good to get caught up on some of the names now, because you might be hearing about them later.

You can catch Pearson Sound at the One Man Band Festival on Thursday May 15 at Sala Rosa in Montreal. As part of the One Man Band Festival it almost seems like Pearson Sound is cheating, since most electronic music artists are one person mixing together tunes. Where’s the challenge? But I digress- Pearson Sound has one hell of a reputation and talent set to bring to this up and coming festival.

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