Eons: An Update on Mimicking Birds

Today’s Therapy: Mimicking Birds’ Eons (released May 13th, 2014)

I know it has been awhile since the last therapy session, but today we’re going to start off another long span of posts with Karly D’s top musical choices. Reminiscent of my introduction to the blog is starting anew with yet another Mimicking Birds post! I’m VERY excited this album, which features the soft vocals of Nate Lacy, adding a sharper edge. More upbeat and slightly more modern, we hear a few additions to the soundboard of Mimicking Birds, including a couple synth solos. So sit back and enjoy these next few songs. Make sure to click here to sift through the songs as they aren’t online elsewhere.

An excellent intro song “Memorabilia” perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. Melodic sliding guitar lines following Nate’s vocal melody, combined with a drowsy drum beat creates this comforting sound. To complete it, Mimicking Birds implement sustained keyboard chords with an delay on the soloing guitar. With all this in mind, I still feel that “Memorabilia” is perhaps one of the most straight forward songs on the album, adhering to the classic Mimicking Birds song progressions.

I felt it necessary to show you one of their tunes which tends to travel quite the distance, in “Water Under Burned Bridges”. Just like “New Doomdays”, this song begins with a sound clip, adding to the unease that this song creates with their inconsistent drumbeat and the excellent choice to add a sitar to the mix. The beat flips at four minutes in to accommodate an interesting synth solo, which intermingles with the single-picked guitar forming in the background.

Check out the single, “Bloodlines”!

Another feature in their music is the consistent looping guitar, which is present in perhaps my favourite song on the album “Night Light”. This song is what I’ve been waiting for since the release of their single “Bloodlines”. The vocal overlay creating this beauty of a tune can be heard much better using a pair of headphones. I recommend listening to each song couple times over to catch all of the intricacies.

If you have some more time tonight, take a look at some covers hosted on their website! Wouldn’t mind submitting a cover to them myself.

Have a great Thursday, feel free to check out my first post about their self-titled album.

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