The Goastt of a Good Time

Today’s Therapy: The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger’s Midnight Sun (released April 29th, 2014)

Welcome back music lovers, today we have an extraordinary psychedelic rock band made up of Sean Lennon (yes, exactly what you’re thinking) and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. An instant favourite album of the year for me as each song seized my musical senses with thumping bass lines, dual-beatific vocals, and those relentless drum beats. Just like last time, I found the best quality recordings here. So please click the link and choose the tunes I list below, but in all honesty just listen to the album as a whole!

Load up “Last Call” and throw on some headphones folks! This song includes a breezy back and forth vocal melody, a forward-driven drum line, acoustic slowdowns, some brass-work, and what I classify as the most important part of psychedelic rock: the synth solos combined with a smooth melodic guitar solo to end off this epic tune.

But before continuing with onwards with Midnight Sun, check out a live version of the song which piqued my interest in GOASTT, “Rainbows in Gasoline” from 2010.

Ah… that flashback was perhaps a prophecy to the haunting allure of this later album. On the album’s first-listen through, make sure not to miss out on “Great Expectations”, which was a joy to hear. Though lately, I find myself choosing “Johannesburg” more and more often as I really enjoyed its progression to the funky breakdown with trumpets. This ultimately leads to the intricate weavings of a collage of melodies from varying instruments, which are sure to pump you up in the last two minutes.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with what has been classified as if John Lennon had rewritten Echoes by Pink Floyd. The video is fairly random, so feel free to jump to the start at 2:30.

Hope you all enjoyed the post. Have a fantastic Thursday evening folks!

–          Karly D

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