School of Language Teaches us to Embrace Our Old Fears

Today’s Therapy: School of Language’s Old Fears (released April 7th, 2014)

Joyous Thursday readers! Welcome to another session. As always just sit back, relax, look at this photo below, and listen to the random harpsichord which caught my attention this week.


Picking up where we left off last week with the unease set by GOASTT, we have School of Language’s title track “Old Fears” (13:29-15:57). Their record label Memphis Industries describes Old Fears as “a haunted collection that occupies a strange, hazy hinterland of permanent gloaming”, which should be readily apparent by now. Following this theme, my third favourite song off the album “Small Words” (22:20-25:45) delivers a layered ensemble of sounds with a catchy continuous scratch guitar.

Unlike lead singer David Brewis, we will be Stepping Away from the drowsy tunes to watch this snappily-dressed man slide around town while enjoying the disco-esque melodies created below in “Dress Up”.

My favourite two songs sync together from the beginning of the album. “Distance Between” starts with a variable drum beat and mostly bass guitar. After three minutes of fun we hear “Okay, let’s start from the top” and then true to its new name, “A Smile Cracks” continues this shoulder-swaying tune. The real funk begins with a slight slowdown then an excellent overlay of guitars at 4:50.

Have a great evening everyone! Here’s Old Fears’ track listing: Distance Between (0:00), A Smile Cracks (3:19), Suits Us Better (7:00), Between The Suburbs (10:35), Old Fears (13:29), Dress Up (15:58), Moment Of Doubt (19:14), Small Words (22:20), So Much Time (25:46), and You Kept Yourself (29:13).

  • Karly D

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