If you have been following us, you saw that Eric has reviewed the first day of Arts & Crafts’ Field Trip Music & Arts Festival that happened this past weekend.  I am going to be reviewing the second day of performers, and so you know, I was not able to see every band so I could see as many full sets as possible.


Sunday started off with a jazzy, funk start with South African-born singer Zaki Ibrahim at the Fort York stage.  Coming out on stage with two back-up singers/dancers and a DJ, everyone was surprised to see Zaki with a gold chain-mail mask, furry short jacket and tights pulled up over her eight-month baby bump.  This did not stop her from putting on an amazing set, dancing and addressing the crowd throughout.  I was planning on seeing a few songs by her then heading over to the Garrison Common Stage to see Lowell.  Unfortunately there won’t be a reiew of their performance because I stuck around for Zaki and talked to her after the show.

I just want to say, that was an amazing set.

Why, thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

First of all, congrats on the pregnancy.

How could you tell? laughs Thank you.

Are you going to raise the child in a music-filled environment, with you recording and touring?

Not too sure, but it will be my choice when it comes to it.

How has being up for last years Polaris award changed the amount of fans you have at shows recently?

I haven’t really noticed, but a lot more people who weren’t able to listen to it were able to now.

What does the next year look like for you?

Well, “Everything Opposite” is being released on June 10th (yesterday) in Germany, Italy, England and France so that’s exciting, then I’m giving birth, then the second album will be released later this year and will be doing a world tour next March and April ending in Canada.


2014-06-08 13.53.03

Zaki Ibrahim




I admit that I had never really listened to BBNG before coming to the show so I didn’t know what to expect.  They are a Toronto-based improvisational jazz trio that both write original songs and do covers of hip-hop song in a new way, using keyboards, drums, bass guitar and upright bass.  The crowd absolutely loved them, leading to an intense mosh pit later on in their set.



Hydra @ Field Trip 2013

Hydra @ Field Trip 2013

Hydra, the supergroup made up of Leslie Feist, ARoarA and Snowblink, were a massive hit at the festival, leading to a crowd that almost completely filled the entire fort, despite the impending storm.  All three ladies (Feist, Ariel Engle and Daniela Gesundheit) have very similar voices, leading to a natural echoing effect when harmonizing.  The set consisted of songs from all three artists, with the added depth from the accompanying instruments (guitars by Andrew Whiteman and Dan Goldman, bass guitar by Charles Spearin).  The biggest cheer was for the closing song, a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, where Andrew, Dan and Charles joined in with singing.





The announcement of the Constantines playing Field Trip this year got a lot of people excited for the festival.  They did not fail to deliver an amazing hour-long set in the pouring rain.  The band, even though being disbanded for about 4 years, performed like they haven’t really quit music, which was awesome.  They played songs from throughout their decade long career and hopefully there will be a new album in the foreseeable future.





Scottish electronic band Chvrches has been getting a lot of buzz on mainstream radio stations, so it was a bit of a surprise to see them on the lineup for an indie music festival, organized by an indie record label.  However, Chvrches held their own and put on a hell of a good set, getting the wet crowd to jump and dance for the hour they were performing.  Lead singer Lauren Mayberry kept the crowd entranced with her high sweet vocals while Martin Doherty and Iain Cook accompanied her with synthesizers, guitar and backup vocals.





Of course, the headliners of the whole festival, Broken Social Scene, came out in full force (minus Metric singer Emily Haines) and rocked the Garrison Common stage through sunset into the night.  Even with performing other times throughout the fest, Kevin Drew, Leslie Feist, Andrew Whiteman and Charles Spearin still kept up the energy, alongside Stars members Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell, and Metric member Jimmy Shaw.  During their set, they called out Gord Downie to perform “Texico Bitches” and surprised concert-goer and music superstar Andy Kim was called up to sing “Sweetest Kill” with Kevin Drew.



2014-06-08 20.33.52

  Broken Social Scene

The festival stood up being extended to two days, from last year’s one-day fest, and the lineup represented the large range of music represented on the Arts & Crafts record label.


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