Phox: Gorgeous Vocals With A Hell-Of-A-Band To Back It Up

Today’s Therapy: Phox’ Self-Titled Album

Welcome back to another Thursday Therapy audio enthusiasts! Today we have an extremely beautiful and talented Monica Martin, whose voice immediately won me over. Sometimes when you have a favourite album then you see that band in concert, you’re a little disappointed about how refined their tracks turned out to be. I can assure this is will never be the case for Phox as I’ve only heard the live versions from the studio and I’m definitely 100% behind this group. Sit back and enjoy the soul/funk/rock from what sounds like a simpler time.

That tone of voice right? Sweetly soothing. Although the video is a tad too bright, I particularly enjoyed the intimate setting which instills a friendly vibe and is perfectly accompanied by the banjo and the flute. A fantastic set-up for the upcoming songs.

“Noble Heart” captures my love for depressing, yet enlightening music. Containing a minute-long intro where Monica explains her inspiration, a gorgeous piano line, a smooth bass clarinet, and picking up the beat half way through definitely places this as a top choice of the year. This five-minute song covers quite the distance while accurately displaying the band’s variety in terms of instrumentation.

Hitting me again with a soundwall of solidarity that only a few really talented bands can do, I highly recommend setting aside some time to listen to “Slow Motion/Blue And White”.

Thanks for dropping by and make sure to get yourself a copy of this incredible album,

–          Karly D

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