Forget The Present, Sit Back and Listen!

Today’s Therapy: Remember Remember’s Forgetting the Present

Following up on last week’s post, I decided to forget about the vocals completely and discuss this entertaining instrumentalist band. Most songs I’ve heard from this artist follow a similar pattern of slow starts then incorporating new instruments as it builds, but I believe that this is the accepted style for the genre.

To follow suit, we’ll start off slow today and bring in the trippy videos near the end. Below you’ll find “Why You Got A Blue Face?”. This well-designed tune has a desert-theme to begin and a very interesting switch at 1:52 and 2:10. One aspect of Remember Remember which kept me coming back was their hypnotic drum progressions, able to weave into a new rhythm almost seamlessly. A related song from Forgetting the Present was “Magnets”, which contains comparable instruments and tones.

If you enjoyed what you heard above, then check out “Imagining Things” from their self-titled debut album. What makes this tune more impressive that Graeme Ronald actually wrote/recorded the first album solo, then added six more members after his great success! It’s another one of my eleven minute suggestions and reminds me of tubular bells.

Lastly, we have “La Mayo” which has been self-described as a melancholy party tune. The artists also tell a story how the saxophone melodies were originally written as falsetto-sung lyrics in the style of Grimes, but that they had to go a different direction to spare the listeners from this musical-impression (weird, weird video/song here).

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!
– Karly D

One response to “Forget The Present, Sit Back and Listen!

  1. Love instrumental bands and that feel-good charm! These guys along with Explosions in the Sky, God Is An Astronaut, This WIll Destroy You… weirdness notwithstanding (which I also like). Remember Remember’s “Imagining Things” completely swept me away…

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