White Fence- For The Recently Found Innocent: Have I ever told you kids about the sixties?

White Fence is not a band, but rather the stage name of Tim Presley. He has five albums under his belt already, plus a 2012 collaboration album with garage rock juggernaut Ty Segall. Presley started his career as a guitarist in hardcore punk band The Nerve Agents, a fact that I recently discovered (in my defence, he did use the stage name Timmy Stardust).

I really liked them in Grade 10!

Presley went solo in 2008, after playing in the psychedelic rock band Darker My Love and the legendary post-punk band The Fall. White Fence has always had a very minimalist sound that echoes the sunshine pop of the late 60’s garage scene. “For The Recently Found Innocent” will be Presley’s first record recorded in an actual recording studio, as all of his previous efforts were recorded in his bedroom (perhaps even more indie than in the garage). “Bedroom rock” is perhaps a more apt title for Presley’s music, which is laid back, sunny, upbeat, and most of all, very trippy.

A good primer.

Presley,’s voice, like that of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, is reminiscent of John Lennon, though White Fence’s sound is a stripped down version of Tame Impala’s more grandiose neo-psychedelia. “For The Recently Found Innocent” carries on Presley’s tradition of crafting songs that are fresh and unique but sound as if they could be from the 60’s — like how John Lennon would sound wielding a fuzzy and distorted psychedelic guitar. White Fence is a wonderful conduit between the garage rock of the 60’s and that of today, this record though as opposed to his previous work is more like watching The Wizard of Oz in colour as opposed to black and white. “For The Recently Found Innocent” is out on July 22 on Drag City records, but why wait? You can preview the album via the good people at KCRW Los Angeles.

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