Simple Songs To Get Lost In: Bishop Allen

Today’s Therapy: Bishop Allen’s Lights Out

Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome back for more relaxing music brought to you by Bishop Allen’s newest album, which compiles everything that indie rock is in a basic, yet satisfying form. Here’s an excerpt from their website describing this release “Play this record at an event. You don’t have to listen too closely–it sounds great & you’re going to have fun with it and feel good”. So if you find yourself with 42 minutes tonight, you should click here to hear the album in its entirety. Otherwise, I’ll take you through my favourites below! .

bishop allen

By far the tune with the most captivating introduction is “Bread Crumbs” (ends at 32:50). What most likely caught my attention was that wikipedia lists We Are Scientists as an associated act. And rightly so since the beat found within is quite reminiscent of “Lethal Enforcer”. Core members, Rice and Rudder, write a more complex string of instrumentation and backup vocals which help “Bread Crumbs” stand on its own.

Continuing with my love of female vocalists and fascination with stargazing, “Black Hole” (ends at 16:27) was the smoothest and easiest track to shuffle along with. Singer Darbie Nowatka takes the lead melody as the bass picks up each beat and the guitar/brass section makes up the rest of the enjoyable ensemble. Perhaps even more satisfying is “Shadow” (ends at 38:54) where we hear the bands acoustic style, as if a female Jack Johnson were serenading us.

I’ll leave you all with their single, “Start Again”. Have a great night!

  • Karly D

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