Twin Forks doesn’t have a twin with this collection of heart warming and heart breaking songs

Twin Forks LP

Album Cover

To see a musician switch genres over two decades into their career is usually a bad move, but not for Chris Carrabba.  The frontman of notable indie-rock/emo bands Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever has now ventured into Americana/folk roots with his new and very successful project, Twin Forks.

left to right: Jonathan Clark (Drums), Suzie Zelden (Vocals and Mandolin), Chris Carrabba (Vocals and Guitar) and Ben Homola (Bass)

The album, which is self-titled, is a collection of songs that best envelop the feelings of a blooming love at the beginning of summer and the inevitable decay of it in the fall.  Chris sings about how perfect and amazing the girl is in the openers “Can’t Be Broken”, “Cross My Mind”, and “Back To You”.  Chris leads every song with his acoustic guitar, with Suzie accompanying on vocals and skillful mandolin playing, and Jonathan holding the songs together with strong bass drum and tom-tom.

Chris and Suzie at TURF

Chris and Suzie at TURF

The strains of the relationship start to become apparent in the songs “Scraping Up The Pieces”, “Danger” and “Reasoned and Roughened”.  The hurt and pleading in Chris’ voice, especially when he sings “Just a stone’s throw from the old place, where the brave face she carved from bone, that’s where she left me, left me right here, without protest, what’s done is done”.

Chris serenading the TURF crowd

There is a feel when listening to the album that the band really get along and thoroughly enjoy making this collection of songs.  If you want a fun, upbeat and heartwarming album to listen to during these last few weeks of summer, then definitely get this album.

Pictures of Twin Forks live at TURF were taken by myself 🙂

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