Get Ready for your Hip Step-Dad To Be All Into This New Band Called “Gob” (New Album Stream)

After 7 long years, Gob has a new album dropping today:


Wait, that’s Gob? I thought this was Gob?

Gob, whaaaa happened?? I had to check out the full album. Maybe the tease was a joke right?? They’ve always had humor in their music, maybe this is them trying to be funny..

I checked out the album, oh wait you can too:

One must now ask themselves, if there was three things you gather from this album, what would they be?

1. The opening track “Apt 13” sucks, but the album gets better

2. It’s by all means a solid record

3. This is not the Gob fans fell in love with



1. “The Opening Track “Apt 13″ Sucks, But The Album Gets Better”

What a weird choice to open up an album with. Usually an album opener is some balls to the walls track to get people pumped for the album. Now it is kinda cool that the song was written about both Tom & Theo living in “Apartment 13’s” while the album was being recorded but maybe this song would have been better as a closer. Bear through it though the rest of the album is definitely better, which leads into my next point. Check out that transition!


2. “It’s By All Means A Solid Record”

Gob has definitely improved as musicians and as a band. My god they even have a piano! Tom Thacker’s vocals are impressive, considering he’s actually singing instead of screaming. But I’m biased and miss the screaming. Anyways, the albums a good listen, a solid “toe tapper” as my grandma would say.

“Radio Hell” and “Walking Alone” really stand out as good singles which I suggest you check out. Also, the album is entirely self produced, which means this is how Gob wants it. So I feel we need to give a little credit there.


3. “This Is Not The Gob Fans Fell In Love With”

 The members of Gob have accomplished quite a bit, personally and career wise. Multiple albums, families, hell, Tom was even Avril Lavinge’s guitarist for a while back in 2009 and is now a member of Sum 41. They’ve been around for over 20 years, so it would be stupid of me to expect another “Soda” or “I hear you calling”. They can play better music than that now, they’ve grown.

 However, Gob used to be fun. There music was uplifting – great to drink too. It had a lot of personality in it. And  I hate to say it but this new album, while solid, sounds like Generic Radio Rock. Just wait till your Step Dad comes bursting in saying he got tickets for this band called “Goob” he heard of FM96 or 102.1 The Edge. This is pure CanCon radio gold. Believe me, it’l be coming up after “Theory Of A NickleTalent” in no time. It’s good, but forgettable.

Speaking of which, there's an upcoming Canadian Tour

This is just one opinion, so take a listen and let me know what you think! As I said above it’s a great record, and I know bands mature with their sounds, so it’s foolish for anyone to expect the same records within a 20 year career. I just wish a little more of Gob’s personality and fun energy shone through on the album. Isn’t that what made them great in the first place?






I talk on the radio and spend my time writing crappy reviews about Bands I used to love and have never met personally. Oh and my name’s Daly. Check me on twitter @DalyRy 

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