*Pop Punk’s Not Dead* – New Found Glory’s Resurrection

Pop Punk….where’d it go? Remember about 10 years ago, the radio airwaves we’re taken over by bands like Story Of The Year, Blink 182, Sum 41, Fenix TX, Yellowcard, MXPX and let us not forget…New Found Glory. 

While the majority bands from that wonderful era of music have dealt with band break ups, drug problems, different musical directions, and just generally not releasing much new music…New Found Glory is back, again, to prove “Pop Punk’s Not Dead”.

New Found Glory’s (who we’ll call NFG from now on for the sake of laziness) 8th studio album is a big deal. Not just because it’s a great record. Not entirely because it’s their first album since 2011 either. No, this is the first time in NFG’s history that they have performed as a four piece, since kicking  guitarist Steve Klein out last year. There is definitely a noticeable change in their sound at first, I mean of course there is, there missing a fucking guitarist! I will say this though, you can really tell they’ve worked on their sound to make up for lack of said guitarist. I mean the album flows so great, SUCH a solid record. 

Here…I’ll shut up. One of my favorite tracks from the album, “Persistent”. Check it out and we’ll meet up below. Bye for now! 🙂

HEY! You’re back! Look at you, reading articles and what not. You dog you. Anyways, where were we? Oh yes, I FUCKING LOVE THIS ALBUM! Know what I’m sayin?  I don’t know what it is about NFG, but there’s enough…let’s say “Heaviness” in their music that I don’t feel like some Disney Jonas Brother wannabe fucking tool while listening to lead singer Jordan Pundik singing about break ups, and then about falling in love. Here’s the lead single,  and try to understand what I’m sayin’…It’s a pretty heavy sounding song…but at the same time really innocent and fun. That’s what pop punks about, and NFG nails it.

You probably seen this coming, since your such an intelligent internet reader person…but I highly suggest picking up a copy of Resurrection:

It’s infectious. It’s catchy, it’s raw, it’s everything it should be. I could write a vow that would make a gigolo cry and then marry this album, but that would be kinda fucked. 

They stepped out of their comfort zone, the album definitely has a different feel that their previous effort, Radiosurgery. They also overcame one less member being in the band. In an era where this kind of music doesn’t see much spotlight, they delivered a solid Pop Punk record that is sure to please. Can you really ask for more? 

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