Southern Ontario’s New Fix Is Wayfarer … Unless You’re A Junkie. Then Your Fix Is, Well, You Know…

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Check it out! 

Yes…It’s always better to read these write ups while there’s music playing in the background right? Good music at that. 

I was listening to the PunkNews Podcast the other day (something I have to plug for any Canadian or American Punk fan out there) and they started playing a song called Worn Out from a band called Wayfarer out of Kitchener. I thought, “Damn, these guys are solid, and I’m pretty much a tool for being from that area and not knowing about them!”

Well…I repent for my mistake, and gave the new(ish) album Sleep Through To The Light A Listen. It does not dissapoint. If you haven’t clicked play yet…now’s your chance!

Looking back to about 5 minutes ago, the original title of this post was going to be “Southern Ontario’s New Punk Fix Is Wayfarer, but then I thought no..that’s not right. New Rock Fix? No. New Indie Fix? No. Goddammit it’s just Southern Ontario’s New Fix. It’s a blend of genre’s to please all. You can tell some punk roots are there and the vocals have just the right amount of rasp and rawness. The Songwriting and vocals on this album are highly impressive. 

Sleep Through To The Light is available on Bandcamp for only 5 bucks. Let’s put that in perspective…Would you either have a greasy ass Big Mac, or a more than solid Local Rock Record. Do the right thing. 

Ontario has a really concrete music scene that I feel is often shrugged off or ignored because well…It’s music from Southern Ontario. As Canadians we have a tendency to shit on any form of Arts because it’s local to us and not from good ol Merica. No wonder all the good talent leaves us. Wayfarer is an emerging Canadian band that proves we really should start to give a shit.

Support your local scene and be sure to see these guys when they come to town (Upcoming shows below).


Keep up with Wayfarer

Wayfarer will be playing in St.Kitts with PUP next Thursday at The Detour Music Hall (November. 13) and In Guelph November 29th with Cellos and The District. Don’t miss out.

~ Wayfarer is defined as a “Person who travels on foot”. Daly hopes these dudes have a van to get to their shows. Follow him on Twitter @DalyRy

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