Artists You Need To Have On Your Ipod: KYLE


I know sometimes you will crave new music but won’t be able to find anything good. It’s hard with the internet filled with everyone and their grandma trying to become a famous musician. You just want to find something new and different. And I think I have just what you need! (And no I don’t have the script to the new Star Wars movie)  I have the artist for you and he goes by the name KYLE aka Super Duper KYLE. He use to go by the name K.I.D, he might have dropped the name but he still has his slick rapping skills. KYLE’s music is something different it’s more than just rap. His music is infectious from the interesting, fun instrumentals to his insanely creative lyrics. The first song I ever heard by him was a collaboration song he did with D. Fields, Mr. Man, Futuristic, SK4MC and D-Why called “No Budget”.

 Then I kind of forgot about KYLE until I saw a tweet about his album “Beautiful Loser”. Once I saw the tweet, I got the album as fast as you could say Cheese Whiz. And I had it on replay for a few months it was just something so new and fun. His beats have a really electronic feel to them and KYLE just turns everything he touches into magic. You don’t believe me? Check out his songs “Views From Hollywood”
or his newest single “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”.
Now tell me you are not in love with KYLE’s music? Yeah you can’t right? You can tell he is just having fun with everything that he does. He has been on tour with G-Eazy and is currently touring with the lyrical genius Watsky. KYLE is a perfect example of how much the independent hip hop scene is growing.  What are you waiting for? Go check out his music! He is in Toronto this week with Watsky go see them in concert!