New Music Alert! New Music Alert! Shad And D-Pryde release new songs that you need to hear.

10816024_10152867617733599_431668063_nShad hasn’t really dropped any new music for a couple months since he released “Always Winnin” with DJ T.LO.

It looks like Shad and DJ T.LO are back with a fresh new song that will get you dancing and thinking at the same time. Shad dropped “Hang On” which is a lead up to “Boarding Pass” a 5 song EP with DJ T.LO.

In usual Shad fashion this song touches on many subjects that surround our society. When the song starts it talks about how people complain about the same songs on the radio. “So you know dudes complain about distribution the game, them radio station’s looping the same stupidness”. He even comments on the lack of music on Much Music “but maybe they aint playin too much music, on much music cuz there aint music much out here with much to it”.

10822597_10152867617833599_1461899699_nAnd he’s right we complain about stations like Much Music playing barley any music but the quality of popular music has gone downhill. Maybe the problem isn’t the media not displaying music any more but the problem is with the music there is to display. There is a line that really hit me hard in “Hang On”, as he continues to talk about the state of today’s music. “now they love Louis CK and David Chapelle, ’cause the truth is comedians speaking more truth than we in music, like we traded mediums now we the ones that act foolish”. It’s true a lot of music these days don’t talk about what’s going on or even what’s happening in their lives. Music has become littered with songs about partying and bragging about how much money people have. Shad and DJ T.LO are supposed to be dropping “Boarding Pass” this December. Shad is also nominated for CBC artist of the year, vote for him by clicking here!  Follow Shad on twitter!

10816145_10152867618098599_1510885904_nShad is not the only one to release new music, D-Pryde is getting set to release his upcoming mixtape “Plan A” on February 2nd. And he has been busy putting out amazing music and videos for his fans, getting people excited for the release of his new project. He recently put out “Time Of Your Life” a catchy love song where he shows off his incredible singing skills. Fans have been patiently waiting for this song after he posted a teaser of it on Instagram more than a year ago. And I can assure you no one will be disappointed by this song. Ever since he announced “Plan A” he has put out 3 music videos:

“Bitches and Gold”

“Way Up”

“Time Of Your Life”

All 3 videos tell a continuing story, “Way Up” starts where “Bitches and Gold” end and “Time of Your life” starts at the end of “Way Up”. I love how he keeps the story going through each video preparing fans for the mixtape. “Time Of Your Life” is a fun song that is bound to be stuck in your head all day. And just like the song the video fits with it perfectly. The video follows D-Pryde and a beautiful girl travelling the amazing city of Toronto at night, taking pictures capturing their night with a Polaroid camera. The story of “Time Of Your Life” is told in flash back scenes, as D-Pryde is remembering that night while looking at the pictures they took. If “Plan A” is anything like “Time Of Your Life” or the videos before it, then we are all in for a great treat. “Plan A” is coming out February 2nd mark it down on your calendar! For more updates on “Plan A” follow D-Pryde on twitter!