Angels And Airwaves New Project Reaks Of Ambition

And so far it smells pretty nice. 🙂

Angels and Airwaves, the  spacey, experimental, out there project from the imagination of Tom Delonge released it’s fifth album, “The Dream Walker”, on To The Stars Records Today. Appropriately titled.

The Dream Walker gives off a sense of experimentation, letting the listeners imagination run wild with desire. Like previous Angels and Airwaves Records, it’s the sort of music better suited to chilling out with headphones, to better appreciate and notice all the little extra works that went into each song. The Album flows seamlessly, it’s 10 tracks clocking in at just over 40 minuets. But you don’t notice. No, it’s like one continuing song. A story. An adventure.

I would even compare that aspect to classic Prog Rock albums from Floyd and Rush – and I know a lot of people would argue with me on that one – but it’s the kind of music you really have to sit there and listen closely too to appreciate. Once the album clicks with you, it’s like a light in your head goes off and you get it.

Check out the lead single, "The WolfPack"

But this album isn’t the only thing from The Dream Walker project. No, the AVA camp has been and will be busy, with an award winning digital short titled Poet Anderson, graphic novels, novels and a feature film on the way, they have their work cut out for them.

I feel like Tom Delonge is an a way, the Dave Grohl of the Alternative Scene. It’s like there’s this idea in his head that just cant be dealt with in one studio album. In the same way Grohl turned Sonic Highways into a television series. Dolonge has turned The Dream Walker into something a hell of a lot more than just an album. It’s ambitious, but what we’ve seen so far has been nothing short of great. 

See the Trailer for the Poet Anderson digital short and check the movie out on itunes

I feel like I’m not giving it enough credit to just call it an album. Like mentioned above, it’s so much more than that. Maybe it’s time we stop looking at Tom Delonge as someone who built a career on dick and fart jokes and more of a serious artist. Maybe give respect where respect is due? If you take the time to look into this project and don’t share that same opinion after you’re done…well…I hate to say it…but you’re just a terrible person. 🙂 

I’ll leave you with the albums closing track, “Anomaly”. An acoustic song that really surprised me. AVA isn’t really the kind of band to normally do acoustic stuff…and this was..well…nice. Grab The Dream Walker from your local record store or off itunes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

~ Daly wants Tom Delonge to narrate his life for a day. Follow his crusade to make this happen @DalyRy 

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