Prepare to be FORQed

I just have a quick one for you audiophiles tonight, and it concerns the glorious genre that is jazz fusion. That wonderful amalgamation of everything under the sun has spawned yet another quartet for the ages. If you have been following my writing you know that I have written several articles concerning Snarky Puppy, the jazz fusion collective led by bass phenomenon Michael League. Despite his incredibly busy Snarky Puppy schedule, he has managed to form the group now known as FORQ, and they released their self-titled debut album this September.

FORQ features some blistering jazz fusion that will likely set your ears on fire. It is reminiscent of Snarky Puppy, but the stripped-down instrumentation gives it more of a focus on individual musicians and less thoroughly composed sections. Each player has a rich jazz history and contributes immensely to the album. With the likes of Michael League on bass, Adam Rogers on guitar (of Lost Tribe, Paul Simon), Henrey Hey on keys (of David Bowie, Empire of the Sun), and JT Thomas on drums (of the RH Factor, D’Angelo), this combo should not be overlooked.

If you are into Snarky Puppy or jazz fusion in general, FORQ must be heard. You can stream their album for FREE on their bandcamp page, and then purchase it if you so desire.

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