Everyone’s eye and ear should be honed in on Sweden’s folk siren Feivel for 2015

Album Cover

EP Cover

So far, with the announcements of albums this year, 2015 is predicted to be a fantastic year for the music industry. A focus will definitely be on Scandinavia, with folk crooner Jens Lekman releasing a “Post Card” song each week for the whole year, and Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfør plans to release her new album on February 16th. An artist everyone should keep their eyes and ears tuned to is Feivel, the young siren hailing from Malmö, Sweden.


Late last year, Elin Hörberg/Feivel released her first self-titled EP, which is completely new territory for her. Usually she is the pianist in the band Skilla. This EP definitely puts her foot in the door for artists to watch, with a full LP coming out later this year.

When listening to Elin’s voice, it is very reminiscent of Julia Stone and Ellie Goulding, with the airiness to how she pronounces the words but with the underlying restless strength of the delivery.

“The Train” shows off the range of Elin’s vocal abilities and gives the listener a sample of the darker lyrical content which is throughout her music, as well as the full musicality of her supporting band, with guitar, bass, percussion and a fantastic horn section.

The next track, “Friend” is more on the jazzy side, very similar to Canadian folk singer Christine Fellows. It is very light, upbeat and you can’t help but smile when you hear this song.

Things slow down with “Sister” which is very piano-led. You can picture her performing this song in a smoky bar up on a small stage in the 40’s and 50’s. Elin shows off her vocal range from low up to falsetto and the ease that she has to change between the two.


“Fences” has some of the darkest lyrics in the EP, with Elin singing “Take one spoon for mommy, but my mom is dead. Take one spoon for me then, but I’ll fall in my head. So I eat up this mind soup, that I won in a game, not for me, not for mom, just to fit in the frame.” The drums keep the song moving along but the above quoted passage is slowed down, following the piano.

Keep a look out for her album, which is to drop sometime this year.

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