This Party is About to Get Ephemeral

As we wait for the first releases of 2015 to start trickling in, I want to take the opportunity to explore a 2014 release that I never got around to experiencing. In this week’s Wednesday Wandering, we will be taking a good look at Rich Aucoin’s second full album, Ephemeral. Rich Aucoin has once again delivered exactly what his fans are looking for: A record packed with jubilation and fun.

My first exposure to Rich Aucoin was at last year’s One Man Band Festival in Montreal. This festival headliner had drawn quite a crowd, but I personally had very little idea of what we would be exposed to. The show was a non-stop party, with the music being a combination of upbeat, catchy tunes that still gave plenty for the audiophile’s ears. While the new record can’t incorporate the visuals and the live energy, Ephemeral does a great job of bringing that party to your stereo. It’s hard to picture an album with much more energy than Ephemeral, and it’s certain to have you jumping and flailing like a madman (that’s how I dance, so I assume that’s how everyone does it).

In the same manner as Rich Aucoin’s debut album, Ephemeral does an excellent job of combining electronic music with classic instrumentation in an infectiously positive package. This indie-pop record is full of detailed layering that provides a rather rich sound. Each track seems to bubble over with joy (except maybe “Yelling in Sleep”), and is irresistibly uplifting. This album works fantastically for private listening as well as a good, rowdy get together. As an added bonus, these music videos are absolutely charming.

If you were already a fan of Rich Aucoin, Ephemeral certainly will not disappoint. If you are not, then give it a try, the full album is available for free streaming via Exclaim.

Much Love,


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