The Flan represents his home town with 905

905Brampton native The Flan is on the come up and is showing people why he is going to be one of the best. He released his debut mixtape 905 last week. I remember listening to his music and thinking, “Man I can’t wait till he drops a project”. The wait is over with this hot fire mixtape (literally be careful because it’s really hot!). 905 starts out with a really dark and eerie sounding song called “Pharaoh”. The Flan does not hold back and hits you with lyrics like “never sleep but I’m slept on”. He starts the tape off hard with “Pharaoh” letting you know he doesn’t play around. The Flan represents Brampton and isn’t afraid to tell you. With the second track he really taps into his 905 roots as he gets help from Devon Tracy on “In The City”. “In The City” features an electronic beat with some drums that work well with The Flan’s flow. He throws in some local areas like Dufferin Station “I reside in the Westside but I just came from Dufferin Station”. The Flan is poised to take off this year, and 905 is the perfect mixtape to start the movement. He made sure his first tape was a perfect gem. My favorite song is the third track on 905 called “Uptown”.  “Uptown” is a really catchy tune! If you didn’t know where The Flan was from before this track, you do now! Honestly, I respect every artist and person in the GTA who represents their home town instead of saying they are from Toronto (Mississauga all day! Queen Hazel!). With every track I’m always blown away by his lyrical skills. At least once a track I have to stop and replay on certain parts to catch everything he said, and once I do it’s like “DAMMMMMN THAT WAS FIRE”! If you are one of those people saying “I love hip hop like the next person but Andrew I really like those beautiful love songs,” well you’re in luck because the Flan has the song for you. I remember listening to “Come Around” for the first time hearing the classical smooth beat play as Raahiem’s vocals cruised through my speakers. It caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting this when I hit play but I’m glad I did. If you are expecting the best when listening to 905, the best is what you get.The-Flan-PSA-Lyrics Artists like The Flan make me so happy for the growing hip hop scene in Canada. Just as 905 starts it also ends with a bang. The last song, “Brampton Boys”, gives me chills every time I listen to it. Fellow Brampton native D-Pryde joins The Flan on “Brampton Boys” to end the mixtape right. D-Pryde also released a mixtape called Plan A, get it now! The Flan is going to be huge one day so don’t get left behind! Follow him on twitter and download 905 now!

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