It’s a Heat Wave! New Music.

the flanIt’s been super-hot outside probably because of all the hot fire music that’s been coming out recently! For real there has been a surplus of great hip hop music coming out recently that you need to hear. Make some room on your phone so you blast these tracks all night long.

  1. Derin Falana – Interstellar: The Brampton native Derin Falana who use to go as “The Flan” has been rapidly growing his fan base ever since his debut mixtape 905 came out. Just like the project 905 he continues to drop perfect gems. “Interstellar” is another amazing great to add to his catalogue. The spacy beat flows under Derin’s killer bars as he leaves his mark on your ears with lyrics like “My reputation is growing there’s been a new demand. F*ck I just put a down payment on future plans”. Want more? Follow him on twitter!
  2. ShaqIsDope – My Time: ShaqIsDope is not playing around and he wants you to know this is his time. The slow beat booms through your speakers as ShaqIsDope brags hard. He can dominate any beat and he proves it as his flow picks up as the instrumentals does. Shaq enlisted producer Pitt Tha Kid to help him truly bring this track alive. There is so much talent in Toronto and the GTA everyone is about to blow up!
  3. Marty Grimes – Dirty Laundry (Remix):   G-Eazy’s homie Marty Grimes is helping to hold down the Bay Area. Another hip hop hot spot is producing great acts like Marty Grimes and G-Eazy. Do you remember his song “Family”? That was a straight banger! And his “Dirty Laundry” remix does not miss a beat as he adds his smooth lyrics to the Blackbear track. Marty Grimes has an impressive flow that sounds fresh on every song he touches. Stop sleeping on him and follow Marty Grimes on twitter now!
  4. Pryde – Sweeterman (Remix): The song of the summer “Sweeterman” is being played in clubs and pool parties all over the city. Pryde jumps on the track to bring you his take of the popular song. And oh man its fire! Pryde shows off his incredible singing skills and then hits you with straight bars like “boyfriend trippin, cause I’m everything her boyfriend isn’t”. He makes sure you don’t forget that it’s Richvale Summer all summer long! Pryde is going on a five date tour and will be in the six August 22nd playing at Revival Bar.

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