Concerts Coming to the 6 you need to be at! Concert Listings.

TorontoSkyline1With April approaching that means a new batch of awesome rappers are headed up north to the mighty 6. If you’re like me you start craving live music once the sun comes out and the snow melts away. Well you’re in luck here are some of the great acts you need to see coming to the city.

Rittz At the Rock Pile Saturday April 4th:

 Strange Music artist Rittz is bringing his slick rapping skills to Toronto this coming April 4th. The first song I heard by him was “Switch Lanes” featuring Mike Posner (if you know me then you have heard me rant about Mike at least 5 times). Rittz caught my attention with his smooth lyrics and flow. Go watch the Georgia native rock well the rock pile get tickets here.

Earl Sweatshirt at the Danforth Music Hall April 14th:

 Earl is about to take over Toronto for one night! Earl Sweatshirt literally dropped his new album I Don’t Like S**t, I Don’t Go Outside last night. And he is coming to the 6 and will be rocking the Danforth music hall April 14th. He won’t be alone he is also brining Remy Banks and XXL Freshman nominated rapper Vince Staples. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

KYLE at the Tattoo Rock Parlour April 18th: 

If you know anything about me or have read my posts before you already know I’m excited about this show! Super Duper KYLE is back in the city of Toronto but this time on his own head lining tour the King Wavy tour. KYLE just recently put out one of his deepest and most personal songs “Wait On Me”. Get your tickets now to the show that promises to be Super Duper!

Joey Bada$$ at the Danforth Music Hall May 9th: 

With the release of his début album B4.DA.$$ (Check out my review and stuff about it!) Joey is ready to bring his music to the world. Joey Bada$$ will help us celebrate the start of summer as he performs for Canadian Music week at the Danforth Music Hall this May 9th. Trust me this is not a concert you want to miss. If you do you might say something like “oh gosh darn I should have listened to Andrew and gone to see Joey Bada$$ because I heard it was the concert of the century!” So what are you waiting for get your tickets now!

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