CMW Hip Hop Preview: Part 1

CMW2014_LogoRedesign_Chosen_Blk_Vert_dates_CS4Summer is coming! Snow is melting and finally we can see grass again! That means music festivals are coming to our great city of Toronto (Or as I call it the 6, okay Drake actually started that). With warmer weather rapidly approaching that means it’s time for some great live music. And one of the greatest festivals this city has to offer is back! Canadian Music Week is one of the best ways to see some of your favorite artists and tons of new ones. This year the CMW line up is stacked with great local and international talent all bringing their hot fire rhymes to Toronto. So to help guide you through all the hip hop acts this year I have made a list of 15 artists that you cannot miss! And this is part one of my 15 artists to go see at Canadian Music Week.

  1. Hare Squead:
    Coming all the way out of Dublin Ireland this 3 piece hip hop group are bringing their smooth lyrics and slick raps to Toronto. They have this really smooth, deep sound that really gets you listening to every word they say. You defiantly do not want to miss them! They will be playing 3 shows. Thursday May 7th at the Rivoli, May 8th at Johnny Jackson and their last show will be at the legendary Danforth Music Hall as they open for Joey Bada$$.
  2. Akidnamedpollo & Sammy Citrus: From North Carolina this hip hop duo made up of rapper Akidnamedpollo and producer Sammy Citrus are bringing a fresh sound to the genre. The beats have this really electronic feel to them as Akidnamedpollo puts his energetic flow over top. They will be bringing their fun sound to The Garrison May 7th.
  3. Morakoza:    I have seen Morakoza play a few times now and I can guarantee if you see them live you will not be disappointed. They bring a really unique sound to the genre of hip hop and dance. It’s really hard to describe their sound but if I had to I would say it’s Drake in band form. And by that I mean every song they have is fire! They will leave you humming their tunes all night long. I heard them play a cover of one of Drake’s songs once and it left me speechless. They are playing at the Painted Lady May 9th a show you don’t want to miss!
  4. Kweku Collins:
    Coming out of the hip hop power house that is Chicago, Kweku Collins takes you into his mind with every song he makes. With many other Chicago natives becoming huge hip hop stars like Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and Alex Wiley; Kweku Collins is about to be on that list. He is defiantly an artist that you want to keep an eye out for this year. His fun, bouncy and trippy sound grabs you and holds your attention never letting it go. He will be playing at Studio Bar May 8th.
  5. Tre Mission:
    Tre Mission changed the way we looked at hip hop here in Toronto. He brought the grime sound from the UK back to his home town of Toronto. Tre Mission is incredibly talented and his latest album “Stigmata” was nominated for Juno.  He is about to become a house hold name, so you will not want to miss his show this May 1st at the Rivoli!

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