Immerse Yourself in Moon King’s Secret Life

This week I only have time for a very quick post for you audiophiles, but I just listened to Moon King’s debut album, Secret Life, and it is an indie-pop album well worth checking out. I have only had the chance to get a first impression of Secret Life, but in the coming days I will be trying to immerse myself into what is a deeply layered album. On first listen, the record is almost overwhelming. It hits hard and fast, with a wall of sound that immediately grabbed my attention. Each track is laced with a wide array of instrumental tones and electronic atmosphere. It is psychedelic, energetic, and full of attitude. Secret Life is exploratory in nature. Fairly simple riffs and patterns are slowly expanded upon, allowing the listener to settle into a groove and see where the music may take them. This is accentuated by the fact that the album has a constant flow, making Secret Life a perfect venue for the exploration of this very intense sonic space. This record blends pop, punk, indie rock, and electronic production into one powerful package.

These are just a few thoughts after my first exposure to Moon King, and I look forward to fully delving into their sound. This duo seems fit for music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike, so I would expect to be hearing them around. Secret Life is out now, and the good folks over at Fader are streaming the whole record for free, so give it a try!

Much Love,


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