CMW Preview: Rock out!!!

CMW will be upon us in no time, and the official schedule has been released! So, if you are a fan of rock and punk, there are plenty of acts to choose from.  Here are our choices for some bands to keep in mind when planning your music-filled week.

Bloody Diamonds – Toronto, Ontario

Originally from Halifax, this goth-tinged four-piece rock band blows audiences away every time they take the stage.  Sara Elizabeth fronts this band, with a haunting voice that easily changes into a gravely, forceful growl and yell that is similar to Care Failure of Die Mannequin and Patti Smith.  Guitarist Jake Seaward accompanies Sara with strong, impressive riffs that compliment and lead the supporting drums and bass to complete a band that’s music seems to lurk in the dark corners of everyone’s mind and has only been touched by acts like Band of Skulls.

Check out Bloody Diamonds at Rancho Relaxo on May 7th at 11:00pm

Midday Swim – Toronto, Ontario

Indie rock feels at home in Toronto, especially with the heartwarming tracks of Midday Swim.  The band, made up of David Krygier-Baum on Vocals/Guitar, Sebastian Shinwell on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Craig Saltz on Bass/Vocals, Stephan Ermel on Keyboards/Vocals, and Max Trefler on Drums, brings summer back into the minds of their listeners, with fantastic group vocals, heavy drum beats and lofty guitar riffs.

Check them out at either or both of their sets on Friday the 8th at the Mod Club at 8pm, or Saturday the 9th at the Dakota tavern at 1:00am.

Foreign Diplomats – Montréal, Quebec
This quartet from Montréal is very hard to categorize under, because of the masterful way they blend different genres, such as jazz, funk, rock and electronica in their music.  Meeting in high school, Élie Raymond (Vocals/Guitar), Antoine Lévesque-Roy (Bass), Thomas Bruneau Faubert (Trombone/synths) and Emmanuel Vallières (Drums) created Foreign Diplomats to make music and to make you dance.  
Check them out when they rock the Burdock on May 6th at 11:45pm.
Gay Nineties – Vancouver, British Columbia
This quartet of indie pop rockers gets their name from the 1890’s, which were pretty exuberant; Gay Nineties definitely live up to their name.  The band’s sound is similar to other Canadian bands like Tokyo Police Club, Mounties and Hot Hot Heat, while still being original enough to stand out.  Lead sing Parker Bossley brings a glam rocker feel to the band, with the modern alternative scene coming in through guitarist Daniel Knowlton, Bassist Bruce Ledingham IV and drummer Malcom Holt.
See their energetic live show at the Rivoli on May 8th at 12:00am
Acrobat – Dublin, Ireland
Acrobat Promo 4 B&W.jpg
A moody rock band from Dublin, Acrobat delivers a deep performance without going over the top with volume.  Lead singer and guitarist Mark Healy brings a strength to their songs that is expertly accompanied with rolling drums from Jacob Coopman and impressive guitar and bass riffs from Conal McIntyre and Naoise Morzadec.
Make sure to catch their set on May 7th at the Rivoli at 9:00pm.
FIDLAR – Los Angeles, USA
Bringing in some punk into CMW, LA-natives FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Ride) sing about anything and everything: drugs, ex-girlfriends, getting drunk.  Their DIY-skater punk sound would feel at home with local punks PUP and The Flatliners, with awesome guitar riffs and stellar drums.
Rock out with FIDLAR at two different showcases: May 1st at the Great Hall, and May 2nd at the Horseshoe Tavern.

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