SATE Interview Part 2 and CMW show review


As you can probably tell from some of my previous articles, I absolutely love the gritty fuck-rock songstress that is SATE.  Her stage presence is second to none and without fail, every time you see her, she will blow your expectations of what a rock show is out of the water.  Her performance at The Painted Lady during CMW was fantastic and by the end of her anthemic set, full of flawless notes and amazing dance moves, everyone who didn’t know who SATE was had a new favourite artist.

Here’s her newest single “Warrior” that premiered earlier this month.  And to continue from the other article, here is the rest of her interview.

A lot of your songs are empowering, being strong.  Was there a certain event, or events, that inspired some of the songs?

Always. Life is where I get my inspiration from.  Like specifically the “Red”, Black” and “Blue” EP, they are around the inspiration and guidance of the relationships with my mother, my sister and my daughter.  So that is really where I was deriving it from. Also, any other life experience I had that really just taught me how to become a woman, a strong woman, strong person.  How to get through, get over, bring in. There’s a lot of music that is inspirational and empowering, but it is really soft, and new age-y.  It’s kinda “This is what it’s like”, where my music is more guttural, emotional, more raw because I think that there are always moments in life where it is raw, it’s real, it doesn’t come out pretty.

With the progression of being a daughter, then a sister, then a mother, your views change, responsibilities change.  Life changes.  

Definitely, definitely.

Now, besides TURF being a big thing, what does the next year look like for you?

Next year, oh god. I don’t know! Like what I want it to look like?


I don’t want to be here. In Toronto.  Like if I am here, I want to be playing my… sweaty clit off laughs

I love how open and raw you are.  You’re one of two artists that openly swear during banter at shows that I’ve seen, and the other one is Adele. She swears like a sailor.  At your show, when you introduced “Warrior” as being about grabbing life by the ball, by the clit, by the sweaty fucking clit, I died.  

My friend gave me that, and she was like “I have an idea for a t-shirt.  ‘Grab life by the sweaty clit!'” and I was like ‘done’.

So, where sould you like to be, if not in Toronto?

Everywhere.  Asia, I’d love to go to Africa, never been there.  Back to Australia, the States.  I just want to be in front of people.

Would you rather be doing small, club shows like the residency at the Dakota, or bigger shows, maybe opening up for someone for now?

Both.  I’m down to do whatever, I just want to get out on the road.  I just want to go.  I’m ready to go.  I love touring. Love love love touring; being in different cities, being infront of different audiences.  Just feeling people out, I think that there’s a magic in that.

Taking your daughter along with you? Show her the world?

No. Well, maybe.  It would be a very cool learning experience.

If you could think of someone to tour with or open for?

Hmmmmm right now I’m super obsessed with Reignwolf. Love, love him with a passion.  I’d love to tour with Queens of the Stone Age, there’s another band called Dorothy, would love to tour with them.  Danko Jones, wouldn’t mind.

Make sure to catch SATE at Bovine Sex Club during NXNE and at Toronto Urban Roots Fest in September.

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