Tumbleweed Wanderers Hit the American Spot

Just this morning I was introduced to a band who is on the verge of releasing their second album, and although I am still getting familiar with their work, I have taken an immediate shine to them. Tumbleweed Wanderers’ new record, Realize, will be coming out on June 9th, and any fans of light-hearted Americana should give it a try. In the summer months, it is often a pleasant, simple, and buoyant rock album that really hits the spot, and Realize will fit that role quite nicely.

Realize does not strike me as the type of thing that I will listen to on repeat, but it holds great value as an album that you can easily throw on and that anyone can enjoy. Nothing about it is particularly harsh or difficult to listen to. It may not be the most complex album ever made, but there is more than enough texture and intricacy to keep the listener coming back. Each song is guaranteed to travel a little bit, doing a little bit of Wandering within the context of the track.

The chords and harmonies of some classic Americana artists can be found again here, creating a very familiar sound Tumbleweed Wanderers’ music. Despite these borrowed elements, Realize sets itself apart by combining classic rock with the drama of indie rock. In addition to the frequent blues solos that are found frequently in Americana, they often choose the full-band build up, accounting for the joyful yet dramatic nature of their music. On top of everything, crisp vocal harmonies command the listener’s attention and really bring the music together. Beyond the sheer fun of this band, the real strength lies in how tight each voice is in the mix. This group moves very well as a unit, and it makes for some compelling music.

At the moment, Tumbleweed Wanderers feels like Yukon Blonde did when I first started listening to them. They come across as a band that writes some fun, purely enjoyable songs that can get stuck in your head, but given a bit of time I can see them really growing on me. Enjoy!

Much Love,


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