Feed Me Jack Feeds Us Covers

About a year ago, I was sent an EP from a young band that caught my attention completely. Since then, I have been keeping a rather close eye to see what becomes of this talented group. They go by the name of Feed Me Jack, and although their newest release is rather brief and not entirely what I expected, they have shown me once again why they are a band that everyone should be listening to. Their brand new ep, Covers, is exactly what you might think. A collection of four covers (and a brief interlude) that shows Feed Me Jack’s ability to bend anyone’s music to their will.

Covers opens with a familiar joyful tune in The Beatles “Good Day Sunshine”, this time presented with a little more edge and distortion and a psychedelic layered bridge. Next up is a chilled out and nuanced take on Steely Dan’s classic “Reelin’ in the Years”. This one starts off laid back with some gorgeous guitar licks, but bursts forward with the tight rhythmic configurations that define prog rock. Some smoothed out Weezer follows with a brand new “Burndt Jamb” complete with rolling polyphony and synthesized space. A soft and soothing saxophone interlude provides a seamless segue into Little Dragon’s “Twice”, which is both the closer and my favourite track on the EP. This version is completely revamped, but the feeling of the original song is not lost. It begins with delicate guitar and bass riffs under careful vocals, but instead of the slow, building tension of Little Dragon, we are treated to an explosion of eclectic drums that drive this track into a new dimension.

Feed Me Jack is a band that seems determined to make their mark as musical innovators, intent on producing music that cannot be found anywhere else. While Covers is only a short display of their ability, their previous EP, Anatolia, and their full-length Chumpfrey are a real testament to skill and originality. All of their material is available for whatever price you like on bandcamp, so don’t miss out on the phenomenon that is Feed Me Jack.

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