Ultra Ego by Feed Me Jack – A Bold Statement from an Up-and-Coming Band

There is a young prog/math rock band on the rise, and they go by the name of Feed me Jack. Over the last few years they have been steadily releasing one captivating recording after another. With each new song from these guys I am beyond impressed at the way a completely independent band is able to produce such crisp, professional recordings that seethe talent and originality. A few weeks ago they released yet another EP, titled Ultra Ego, that may just be their best one yet.

Ultra Ego has fully maintained Feed Me Jack’s precedent for carefully crafted, precise playing. Just like their last EP of originals, Anatolia, Ultra Ego is loaded with calculated riffs. Their compositions take the listener travelling through musical passages in which every detail is orchestrated. Despite the EP having only a brief 21-minute runtime, Ultra Ego feels remarkably whole. Feed Me Jack makes sure not to waste a moment, using each measure to move the music forward. Each member of this band displays exquisite chops, laying down complex phrases all the while making the music sound effortless, but this isn’t a band that lets virtuosity take over their music. The way the instruments are featured ensures that the focus is creating meaningful music, rather than just letting solos overwhelm the EP.

On Ultra Ego, Feed Me Jack sounds like a band that is more refined than it was a couple of years ago, and that is by no means a criticism of their earlier work. There was nothing amateurish about Anatolia, but now it seems like the band has simply taken one step further forward. The production has been bumped up one notch, with the layers having just a little more life and warmth. The band sounds a little more fluid, but part of that is certainly the more atmospheric nature of Ultra Ego. This EP uses layers of synthesized ambiance that was not as present in previous releases. The songwriting feels a touch more practiced and mature. This is the music of a band that is securing its identity.

All of Feed Me Jack’s music is available for whatever price you like on their bandcamp, so go check it out. They even have an EP of covers that re-imagines some great tunes. Meanwhile I will continue to process the complexity of Ultra Ego and eagerly await their next offering.

Much Love,


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