Thank You NXNE.


Dear NXNE,

We met briefly last year when I saw Juicy J at Young and Dundas Square. My friends and I danced the night away to songs like “Bandz A Make Her Dance” and “Dark Horse”. Since that moment I fell in love with you. So this year I was excited to see the amazing line up of new artists playing all around the city. I remember the first day showing up to the NXNE Hub, grabbing my media pass and seeing all these people just as excited as I was. One of my first shows of the week was at the Drake Underground as I saw Heems play live. This is the great thing about the festival you get to see artists you probably would never see otherwise. I use to know him from the hip hop group Das Racist but I haven’t really listened to his solo stuff. That show made me want to listen to his entire discography. (You can read more about it in my review coming soon!)  The city just had so much energy as you brought this cool vibe to Toronto for a week. So this letter goes out to every single person who helped put on NXNE, to all the great artists and to all the staff at the amazing venues who helped us rock out for a few days. I just want to say thank you for everything. You made me and hundreds of others feel like one big music loving family. I never felt so happy in Toronto running around by myself seeing all these amazing musicians blast my ear drums. To top things off you guys put a skate board ramp in the middle of Young and Dundas! That was epic! So from everyone here at the Indie Blender to everyone at NXNE, thank you. And we can’t wait to see you next year.


Andrew Uyeno

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