Rapper Of The Month: Chri$ Born. Artist Interview.

Chri$ BornThe hip hop scene is ever growing as more and more talented rappers are bursting into the game. And we know you need new music to blast when you’re passed the aux cord. So here at the Indie Blender we decided to bring you a new artist every month or so with our newest segment “Rapper of the Month”. And our first ever rapper to be featured is the talented Chri$ Born hailing from Detroit, Michigan. I remember aimlessly wandering the internet for new hot fire music till I came across Chri$ Born’s “We Good” and my search was over. The beat slowly creeps through your speakers as Chri$ starts dropping some hot bars telling everyone him and his crew are all good. “We Good” was stuck in my head all day and at that point I knew that I needed to know more about him. So I hit him up to find out more like how long he has been rapping for, his favourite rapper, his biggest challenge being independent and so much more.

So the song “We Good” is fire! How long were you working on that song for?  

I made it back in February and worked on it for a few days or so then threw it in the vault. It usually doesn’t take me long to finish songs.

Did you know it would get as big as it did? 

No I didn’t ha ha! I didn’t even want to release it because I thought no one would like it, glad I finally did though.

Are you thinking about making a video for it? 

I definitely would if I had the chance. I haven’t made a video yet and this would be a great song to start with.

How long have you been rapping for?

I think maybe 3 years but I just got serious with it.

When did you write your first rap?

Like eighth grade ha, it was like a remix/parody of an Eminem song.

I know you also produce, do you produce all your tracks?

Yes, but recently I began co-producing tracks with my bros. Although I haven’t released any yet, shouts out to all of them.

Do you have a project coming out?

Yeah, an EP that’s coming soon.

If someone has never listened to you before how would you describe your sound? 

I guess unique and versatile cause I can go from a smooth feel good track like “We Good” to a trappy banger like my track “Hell Tonight”. My sound really doesn’t have any boundaries and people shouldn’t always expect the same sound from me. I’ve never been told I sound like any other artist so that makes me feel unique.

What was the last album you listened to?

I just listened to both DS2 by Future and In Colour by Jamie XX the other day, both are dope albums.

If you could work with anyone past or present who would it be?

There are so many artists, bands & producers I want to work.  But I have to say Travi$ Scott, he’s my favorite artist and big inspiration.

What would be the biggest challenge trying to push your music independently?

Getting it out there, more fans, and more listeners I literally do everything on my own. Getting out there definitely is a big challenge. Not too many blogs/sites contact or reach out to me so I’m grateful that you did.

What do you want people to take away from you as a rapper and a person?

I’m not just a rapper; I’m an artist that loves making great music for the sake of making music and not for the fame, also just a cool person all around.

chris rapper

You are coming out of Detroit which is home to big names like Eminem, Big Sean and Danny Brown. What do you like about the hip hop scene out there?

The hip hop scene has as always been pretty great but right now I’m not the biggest fan of it. Everyone here loves it but to me a lot of it sounds the same. I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad but it could use something new. I guess I like that the city is getting known for a sound, at least.

Who is your favourite rapper right now?

Other than my all-time favourite Travi$ Scott who’s killing it right now, I’d have to say future who has also been killing lately.

Chri$ Born is a talented artist who strives to break free and be different than anyone else in the game. You can hear his love for music every time that you press play on any of his tracks. Remember his name because Chri$ Born is on the come up! Check out more of his songs and follow him on Twitter!

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