Pop-Punk in the Silhoutte Era

Just a quick one for you audiophiles this week! I was recently sent the brand new second full-length album by The Silhouette Era. Beacons is a full of driving punk guitar, mood-setting synthesizers, steady bass, hard-hitting drums, and distant vocals. Beacons is a pop-punk album that anyone who enjoys indie rock could get into, but it isn’t necessarily an album that is going to knock you off your feet. To me they seem like a more punk-oriented version of Yukon Blonde in the sense that they are well worth listening to, but wouldn’t be my go-to if I want to do some deep listening. If this is a genre that you love, then you might want to check out the Silhouette Era for some easy-listening indie rock with just enough frills to keep you engaged. Give it a try and hear for yourself!

Much Love,


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