The Indie Blender Presents: The Ear Blender EP. Coming Soon.

ZYLUScEWith summer coming to an end you may start having some “Summertime Sadness”. To cheer you up here at the Indie Blender we are bringing you something amazing for your ear drums. We are putting together an EP featuring rappers we have written about before on our blog. Here are the Indie Blender we really appreciate the love and support you have given us over this past 2 years. And what better way to give back than with free music! We present to you the title of our very first EP Ear Blender. It’s time to take over the six with some hot fire music! Over the next few weeks we will be dropping some of the tracks from the EP. If you are an artist or know someone who is and you think they would be perfect for our EP email us at Ear Blender coming out this September!

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