The Rise Of The Internet. Concert Review.

intanetzHave you ever gone to a concert not knowing what to expect? Well last Tuesday heading to The Internet concert at Tattoo in Toronto I had no idea how the night would turn out. To be honest I hadn’t really listened to that much of their music. But I have heard some of their songs and the live album they did with Mac Miller. I was excited to see the response that Toronto would give for this amazing band.

As we approached Tattoo we saw the regular group of security guards getting ready for the doors to open. There seemed to be no line for the doors so my friend asks “is there a line or are doors open”. One of the guards points us to around the corner where the line was wrapped all away around the back alley. We walk for a few minutes till we reach the end and get settled in the line. It’s not long till we make friends in line and time files as we talk about music and what to expect from the show. Once inside we find a place to stand as the DJ is blasting some hot fire tracks. He even plays Future’s song “I Won” which has the greatest Kanye verse ever “I wanna dip that ass in gold”! After about 30 minutes of dancing the first openers St. Beauty Band took to the stage. st beauty bandThe band singed under Janelle Monae’s label, Wondaland Records took over crowd with their amazing set. During the entire time they were on stage my jaw was on the floor. They blew me away more than any opener I had ever seen before. Their beautifully classic sound combined with their captivating stage presence created an unbeatable team. Alex’s vocals will blow you away as Isis’s guitar riffs will rock your ears off. After my new favourite band St. Beauty left the stage the next band Moonchild were up next. By this point Tattoo was packed full with people making it insanely difficult to move around. I squeeze through a few people to grab water at the bar. It was incredible to see Tattoo fully sold out as everyone had come to see the band from California, the Internet. This was the first ever sold out show I’ve seen at Tattoo. 20150929_211609Moonchild began their set as I was surprised to see a band with drums, a key board, a saxophone, a trumpet and a flute! After Moonchild serenaded the crowd everyone was ready for the main event, The Internet! Just before they blasted our ears with beautiful sounds Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” started to boom out of the speakers! Everyone lost their minds as the song played, half way through The Internet take the stage was they let the song play. We all jam together and it was awesome. 20150929_234134 As they began to play the crowd started to go nuts! Everyone was swaying, dancing, singing and just have a great time. For the most part I didn’t know many of the songs that they played. But it didn’t matter because in seconds I was singing along to everyone they played. They are one of the best bands I’ve ever seen play live. And Syd’s vocals are incredibly power that will leave your ears ringing in happiness. You could tell she was losing her voice but that didn’t stop her and the band from putting on one of the best performances this crowd has ever seen. Two of my favourite songs that they played that night were “Girl” and “Get Away” both from their new album Ego Death.
Their live show has set a new bar that other concerts I go to see will try to beat. When the Internet comes back to town I suggest you call in sick to work, cancel all your plans and go see them!

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