Century Thief Marks Their Territory With Debut Album

About one month ago, the Toronto indie folk-rock band known as Century Thief burst out of the gate with their debut LP, Reverie. For anyone out there who enjoys a textured, travelling album, Reverie is one that is well worth checking out. Fronted by the one-two bunch of female and male lead vocals, the record benefits from deep layering and a strong flow within songs and throughout the album as a whole. The band uses diverse instrumentation, including horns, flutes, strings, and the rest of your standard folk-rock voices to create a wide tonal range that keeps the listener engaged from beginning to end. Add tight vocal harmonies to the mix and you have a record that is not going to reveal all of itself in the first few listens.

Reverie feels like an album that was completely thought out when the recording process began. There is no denying that Reverie is a sequence of songs that take the listener on a journey. The band isn’t afraid to explore a range of musical regions, embracing everything from calm, pensive ballads to aggressive bouts of raw energy. All of this variability is structured in such a way that it will take you by surprise, but fit perfectly into the cohesive whole.

While this album is an extremely strong beginning for Century Thief, there is a lot of room for growth in this band. Reverie still has the feel of a debut album, and I have no doubt that this band has greater albums in its future. Something as simple as having greater resources and access to better recording facilities would allow the textured sound of this band to pop in a way that isn’t quite there on Reverie. Keep an eye on this band, I think they have immense potential going forward.

Much Love,


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