Lil Dicky Has Grown Into A Professional Rapper. Concert Review.

Hip hop will never be the same; were my thoughts as I walked out of the Hoxton a couple weeks. Lil Dicky made sure that no other concert would ever compare to the one we just witnessed. Earlier that day I stood in line amongst hundreds of fans for a man who use to be in the advertising industry. It’s crazy to think he’s only been rapping for about 2 years and is already selling out shows in other countries. Once getting my media badge I wandered somewhere into the middle of the crowd. There was a rapper already on stage opening for Lil Dicky. Apparently he met Lil D because he bought a meet and greet pass for one of his shows a year ago. He ended up trading emails with him and always stayed in contact. Lil Dicky loved his music so asked him to come open up for him in Toronto. See kids always dream big! 20151022_205504

Sadly I didn’t catch his name but this rapper killed it on stage. And to make things even crazier this was his first show ever! Even after a few technical issues he still tore down the stage. As we waited for Lil Dicky to take command of the stage, to my surprise Alex Wiley was the last opener. Any big hip hop fan knows the trippy, psychedelic sounds of the up and coming Chicago rap star Alex Wiley. The crowd wasn’t really into it as his sound is almost a polar opposite of Lil Dicky’s music. Alex Wiley showed us why he’s next up as he brought us all on a trip through his catchy music. And he destroyed the stage when he played “Vibration”.

It was now time for the man who saves his money, the professional rapper himself Lil Dicky! A projection screen displays a silhouette of his face with puffy hair, beard and everything. As that logo flashed across the screen the crowd went nuts. After about 15 minutes of waiting Dave ran up on stage with the one and only Gator! Like a true rapper he just rushed on stage blasting the crowd with the sweet sounds of Lil D.After the song ended he proceeded to insure us that this was not going to be like any other concert we have seen before. And he was right. When you go to see Lil Dicky in concert it’s way more than just someone on stage performing music. So that day at the Hoxton he put on his own dating game show. He would call up different women in between certain songs to compete for his love.


The first girl he brought up had to draw a picture of him with crayons. He played fan favourites like “Save Dat Money”, “Ex Boyfriend”, “Pillow Talk” and “Lemme Freak”. Dave even played one of my favourite songs “Molly”. His energy and charismatic charm won over any first time listener. During “Lemme Freak” Lil Dicky grinded up on a girl basically giving her a lap dance while she sat centre stage.The way he talked and performed it made you think that he was your good friend that you’ve known for years. Overall it was an insanely creative show, probably one of the most unique concert’s I’ve ever seen. He had a dating wheel and everything!

Each girl who came up on stage would take turns spinning it. Then they would play the game that the wheel landed on! One girl got to slap Dicky! And another one had to pin a Velcro dick onto Gator. The part of the concert that really left my jaw on the floor was when Lil Dicky left the stage and the whole crowd started chanting. “DICKY! DICKY! DICKY!” I’m not going to lie I never thought in my 23 years that I would ever hear a whole room chant the word “Dicky”. Lil Dicky has officially become a professional rapper but he won’t just stop there he’s about to change the way we look at the genre.

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