Andrew’s Top 5 Concerts in 2015


Top Five Concerts From 2015:

Jazz Cartier: 

For months my friends and I were waiting to see Jazz Cartier live. Every time we were in the car we would blast “Switch” or “Dead Or Alive” to get us pumped up. So when we saw he was opening for Rae Sremmurd you know that we needed to get tickets. He was opening for Rae but it seemed like it was Jazz’s show. His ability to command the stage was incredible as he used a projection screen to play video clips to help tell his story. Honestly if you have a chance to see Jazz Cartier, cancel everything and go; even if you’re supposed to have dinner with the queen. Sorry your majesty.


I’ve seen Shad play before but this show was different. It was something truly special. Shad sold out the legendary Massey Hall just days after he was announced the new host of CBC’s hit Radio Show Q. His amazing rapping ability teamed up with the insanely incredibly acoustics of Massey Hall left many fans speechless. He may not be known all over the world but there is a reason why Canada loves him.

Lil Dicky: 

Wow just wow. Before going to see Lil D I’ve heard stories from my friends about how different and life changing his shows are. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I was not ready for the awesomness that I witnessed that day. He packed out the Hoxton blasting his popular tracks like “Lemme Freak” and “Save Dat Money” while putting on his own live dating game! Lil Dicky you are a legend.

Post Malone: 

I didn’t even know who Post Malone was until seeing him perform his overnight hit “White Iverson”. This was back in March when he only had about three songs out. He even played “White Iverson” twice and no one even cared! If anything we all wished he would play it again. Post Malone doesn’t even have a full project out and everyone knew all the lyrics to his songs.

Hare Sqeud: 

The Irish rap group that stunned everyone during Canadian Music Week performed their hearts out here in the Six. CMW is one of the best ways of discovering new talent as you are subjected to so many live acts performing in Toronto from all over the country / the world. Hare Sqeud was one of those acts that left jaws on the floor after they performed. I fell in love with their act so much that I saw them twice!

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